2014 Arnold Sports Festival Report

Sports and fitness enthusiasts from around the globe gather to enjoy the festival's activities and exhibitions.

The 2014 Arnold Sports Festival weekend came to a dramatic climax with the joyous howls of a Wolf; Arnold Classic men's bodybuilding winner Dennis Wolf. The big German wowed the Veterans Memorial Auditorium with a physique that harkened back to the days of the contest's namesake, but scaled to the massive proportions of today's bodybuilding champions. It was Wolf's first victory in Columbus, after three prior attempts, resulting in consecutive 2nd place finishes and a 3rd. 

Wolf was pushed hard by runner-up Shawn 'Flexatron' Rhoden and third-place finished Cedric McMillan, both of whose physiques were characterized by full muscle bellies sprouting from tiny joints. It was a 1-2-3 punch of aesthetically-pleasing physiques—a nice nod to bodybuilding's storied history on the last night in which a bodybuilding competition would be held at the venerable hall, which also happens to be where Arnold Schwarzenegger won his sole Mr. World title, in 1970.

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