Post by Arnold Schwarzenegger | 03/06/2014

High-Protein Diets and Cancer?

This story has captured the attention of everyone recently, so we asked the guys at (they wrote the Protein Bible) what they thought. Read more

Post by Arnold Schwarzenegger | 03/05/2014

2014 Arnold Sports Festival Report

The 2014 Arnold Sports Festival weekend came to a dramatic climax with the joyous howls of a Wolf; Arnold Classic men's bodybuilding winner Dennis Wolf. Read more

Post by Eric Bach | 03/03/2014

5 Plateau Busting Finishers

Getting in great shape typically requires some form of cardiovascular training, but it doesn’t have to be spent slugging away on a rickety treadmill. Read more

Post by Cory Gregory | 02/25/2014

Incline Arnold Press for a BIG Bench

Almost by accident I found an amazing tweak and twist on the Arnold Press, and it gave me an impressive exercise to help build a bigger bench press. Read more

Post by Nicholas DiNubile MD | 02/24/2014

R U 3-D Fit?

What can you do to assure that YOU are "3-D Fit?" Does your training and workouts have all the necessary ingredients? If you are a fitness professional, can you be doing more for your clients? Read more

Post by Jordan Syatt | 02/06/2014

The 4 Most Ludicrous Myths: Powerlifting Edition

Powerlifting, while subject to less of the mainstream B.S., has its own set of equally ludicrous myths and, to be blunt, I’m sick of these fairy tales and the pure ignorance that sustains them. Read more