Post by Dr. Bojan Kostevski | 08/28/2013

Why You Need To STOP Setting Goals

I realize that saying this might make other fitness professionals condemn me to rot in a dark cave somewhere with no company but the voice of my own neurotic conscience, but I can no longer keep my mouth shut. Read more

Post by Dr. Spencer Nadolsky | 08/12/2013

This 15 Minute Workout Can Save Your Life

For most chronic diseases, a combination of resistance and aerobic exercise tends to win versus either of the two types alone. So, I created a full-body dumbbell resistance circuit training routine that can be done at any gym, hotel, or even home. Read more

Post by Kurtis Frank and Sol Orwell | 07/30/2013

The Protein Bible: Part 2 - Protein Powders

Protein supplements are a simple and tasty way to fulfill protein requirements. They are also pretty cheap on a cost-per-serving basis. So... what protein powder should you buy? Read more