Post by Kurtis Frank and Sol Orwell | 07/30/2013

The Protein Bible: Part 2 - Protein Powders

Protein supplements are a simple and tasty way to fulfill protein requirements. They are also pretty cheap on a cost-per-serving basis. So... what protein powder should you buy? Read more

Post by Jim Smith | 07/29/2013

There is No Maybe

Arnold’s successes in life – bodybuilding, movies, and politics – were all driven by the power of his mind. He believed in himself when no one else did. Ultimately, Arnold had a blueprint for his life that was fueled by his early struggles and early successes. Read more

Post by Kurtis Frank and Sol Orwell | 07/26/2013

The Protein Bible: Part 1 - Introduction

If you’re not paying attention to protein, you’re doing it wrong. Ask a room full of people trying to look good if they follow a low-protein diet, and no one will raise their hand. Protein is important. Read more

Post by Jordan Syatt | 07/15/2013

The Truth About Fattening Foods: They Don’t Exist!

It doesn’t matter what you eat regardless of whether it’s high in protein, carbohydrates, or fat; high glycemic, extremely processed, or conventionally labeled as an “unclean” food. Don’t believe me? The evidence is clear: No foods are inherently fattening! Read more

Post by Cory Gregory | 07/12/2013

Don’t Forget the Dumbbell Pullover

It will never be as popular as the bench press or as glamorous as any curl movement, but the dumbbell pullover remains one of my favorite exercises and I’m determined to make sure it doesn't fall by the wayside. Read more

Post by Layne Norton | 07/07/2013

Best Damn Cardio Humanly Possible in 15 Minutes

Cardio sucks. There I said it. Anyone who tells you they enjoy cardio either is lying or needs to have their head examined. Cardio is a means to an end. So what is optimal cardio? This was the question on my mind Read more

Post by Jim Smith | 07/03/2013

Awesome Workout Tips – Part 1

Over the years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the gym. And the lessons I’ve learned have always been the hard way. I am going to show you not only how to train the right way, but how to do it and be your very best. Read more