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What would be my best option?


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Hi, guys
After seeing everything Arnold has been posting on facebook he has really lit a fire under my butt to try to get in shape. I was at 220 and now i am around 190/188. I work in a warehouse where it is very hot and i do a lot of walking and work long hours so that is how i dropped the 30 or so pounds. While my gut is going down i want to start building muscle mass. I have a few options available to me. I own a Bowflex which I’ve used in the past and enjoyed, and I got that Insanity tv workout video that they show on those infomercials all the time. So, I guess what would be the best way to bulk up? Using the Bowflex or Insanity. I know the Bowflex isn’t as good as going to the gym. But, the gym near me is 60 bucks a month which is not in my budget.

Thanks guys


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The best program is one that you can stick to.

A crappy program performed to a “T” will always get you better results than an awesome program performed poorly.