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Mid 40’s and getting back on the ice


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I was 42 and the stress of life was taking it’s toll. In one year I was at the Dr more than I had been in the previous 5 years. Mostly due to tight muscles, back and neck pain, stemming from simple tasks around the house. I have always despised gyms and found them to be boring and preferred sports both individual and team, but life had taken over and fitness was last on my list.

My Dr. pushed me to get back on my bike, relax, and run if I could, stretch or just do something. I finally caved. I was at about 175 lbs and I am a medium build 5’10” male. So I started trail running and walking a portion of my daily commute to work, ~1.75 miles/day. The trail running was good and brought me back to my days of Enduro racing and mountain biking. Last year my friend pushed me to get back into ice hockey. I started going to pick up games 1-2 times a week and then in October 2011 I joined an organized men’s league. By January the changes were very noticible, I was down to ~163 lbs and the muscle definition was back, not to mention I haven’t had any back or neck pain. Unfortunately I tore both rotator cuffs slightly at the end of the season. So I am off the ice temporarily as I try to avoid surgery with PT and yes going to a gym. I really miss the workouts and the competition so I am sure I will be back and hopefully by October.