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Getting strong to get big


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Hi everyone.
this is my second post ever. I’ve been working out for a few years and just started doing the powerlifts a few months ago. what are some good guidelines for amount of weights to be able to lift to get big.  i mean goal weights, obviously i’ll be starting light.


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When you can squat 300lbs for your 1RM or about 1.5x body weight you will start to see a lot of changes. Although as you have some experience lifting, it maybe sooner, or it may be later. However if you stick with it you are going to grow and get bigger, good luck!


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Ya man I agree with TheBear.

Some poundages I would suggest are:
300 1RM Bench
400 1RM Squat
500 1RM Deadlift

Since so many people sit at their desks all day, I would also add these criteria into the mix:
-Be able to touch your toes with straight legs
-Be able to overhead squat without falling over
-Be painfree

Stuart McRobert gives some great goal poundages.  A few others I found are:
-Parallel bar dip (bodyweight plus 100) x 6
-Overhead press 175 x 6
-Chin (bodyweight plus 30) x 6