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My Kids


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I would have to say that through my journey I’ve wanted to be bigger, stronger, more impressive.  These motivations have not been able to keep me going for long.  Diet suffers, lost interest and perceived failures have held me back.  Looking around at my life I believe that I may have found my motivation.  It’s my kids.
A couple reasons…..

1) My dad died when I was 11.  High cholesterol, high blood pressure and an Aortic Aneurysm. My son turned 10 this year and I want to be there for his next birthday and many more after that!  Now he was 55 and I’m 35 but I know that changes need to be made early.

2) Both of my children have Down Syndrome.  If you not familiar with this it means among other problems they’ve had to deal with (Cancer, and Open heart surgery to repair a hole in the heart).  They are also subject to low muscle tone.  It’s my goal to learn and become the best I can so I can help them to be the best they can. 

These are my sparks.  I wrote it here for the world to see to keep me on track.  Whenever I falter i know I can look back here and see the commitment I made to the world! 

Thank you for listening



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Joe, you are not alone. It’s great you are opening up and sharing because we all have shared a similiar struggle either personally, in our family or with one of our friends, etc. And you are right…it is not always easy…but it is what makes us the heavy weight champs of the world…because we lift the weights of the world that are heavy. Good luck to you, man…and God bless. Love is key…so love yourself too…so you take good care of yourself. Our bodies do the best they can…every day.