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ARNIE’S Bicep size - Arthur Jones and the TRUTH ?


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HI , Guyz ....i have been reading arthur jones online bulletins ....
i have some doubts ....
does arthur jones contradict himself ?


here arthur jones , states ...

‘’ ...the largest muscular upper arm that I ever measured….was the left arm of Bill Pearl; which was 18-5/8 inches measured “cold” ..

The size of the average man?s head is between 22 and 23 inches, and I have yet to see a man with muscular arms that even began to approach the size of his head .

..a 16 inch muscular arm is very impressive—a 17 inch upper arm is so large
an 18 inch upper must be seen to be appreciated—and a 19 inch upper arm approaches the impossible insofar as size is concerned ..’’ .

FROM ...

‘’ The largest muscular arm that I ever measured—or saw—was Sergio Oliva?s, which, accurately measured, “cold” was 20 1/8 inches. Arnold Schwarzenegger?s arm was 19 7/8, slightly pumped—probably 19 1/2 “cold”..

..an actually muscular arm that measures a full 18 inches is enormous—a 19 inch arm is simply huge—and a 20 inch arm almost defies belief;

Arnold Schwarzenegger?s arms are almost as large as Sergio?s, and he shows no signs of restricted movement around the elbow joint.


does arthur jones contradict himself ?And what can arthur jones , mean by saying , arnie’s arms are as large as sergio’s arms ... does jones means in appearence or photos both arnie’s and sergio’s arms appear to be same in size ?

FURTHER JONES STATES , ‘‘in a recent full-length picture of Sergio, the width of the flexed upper arms exceeded the height of Sergio?s head—his arms were literally larger than his head, a size ratio never before approached by anybody else.

thus, i suspect .., arthur jones what arthur jones .....meant, was that - sergio’s arms looked even , bigger in photos since they (arms ) looked bigger than sergio’s head ...

guyz i created this collage of arnie and sergio to prove that , sure sergio’s arms were bigger than sergio’s head size ....but then as arnie’s head is bigger than sergio’s and my collage will prove that , arnie’s arms are bigger than sergio’s ..


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Here is also a video comparison.

Sergio in an interview with Brian D. Johnston talking about the Arthur Jones measurement

“BDJ: I believe you may be the only person to officially develop a muscular arm with a
height (from the top of the biceps to the bottom of the triceps) greater than the height of
one’s head. Did this phenomenon occur while training with Jones?

SO: This occurred with Jones, around the time of the 1972 Mr. Olympia in Essen,
Germany. You see, Jones tricked everybody. He would invite them down and pay for the
trip to test his machines. Everyone went down… Columbu, Arnold, Zane… everybody.
And as soon as you arrived he would start measuring your arms cold, then he would tell
you how much you can increase in a couple of days, and nobody would believe it. All
those Weider magazines claiming 21-22” arms would have everyone coming down to 18-
19”... and the only 20.5” cold was my arm. After going through his workouts, my arm
was almost an inch bigger, and that happened for everybody. Arnold’s arm was 19.75”,
and Weider had him in the magazines with 22.5”. It was ridiculous—all their
measurements came down when Jones measured them. It was during that time that Jones
measured my arms and my head, and I couldn’t believe that my arms were bigger than my
head… I didn’t pay attention up to that point.”

Measurements I can find put Sergio anywhere from 20.5” to 22.75”. For Arnold from 19.5” to 22.25”




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Arnold psyched out Sergio Oliva the first time that he defeated him. The competition between Arnold and Sergio must have been the toughest for Arnold.


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What is the biggest flexed biceps of a competitor bodybuilder and who, I’d surely like to know? Arnold’s most impressive was 23”!


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Was what the great - the Myth - Sergio Oliva saying is true in answer to Brian Johnston’s question. Surely I believe his upper arm measurement was bigger than his head but that the measurements were not true of Arnold’s arms in Weider magazines?