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Arnolds “Sabotage” 


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I saw the first showing on release day! Unfortunately it only lasted a week or two here before the cinemas pulled it :(

I liked it. It was a bit slow in parts but the action and gore more than made up for that. Arnold was a badass!

We’ve got to wait until September 15th for the Blu-Ray/DVD release now though. Long ass wait!!


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i finally saw it the week it was out went too advance screening before the big release i totally loved it so dam different i couldn’t get enough of it so i saw it another three times can’t wait too get hold of the DVD once its out


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It seems from the posts that “Sabotage” is the perfect movie for Arnold and has the potential to uplift Arnold’s movie career graph! Hope to watch it when it comes on TV. Waiting for it….!
i learnt that it’s a dark film and has shades of grey in its characters.
i think it’d make the movie more attractive than repulsive because generally Arnold has played mostly good characters in his movies barring the first Terminator movie and “Batman & Robin” as Mr. Freeze…