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This example will blow your spark in to the flames!


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At Sunday I Witnessed a miracle. This miracle is called Joonas Rikkonen and he is from Finland.

This guy suffered a stroke at the age of 15. After the stroke he had to learn to talk and move all over again. He spend years of learning basic movements and coordination like waving he’s arms. At Sunday 15th of September 2012 he walked in to the stage of Finnish bodybuilding and fitness event “Fitness Expo 2012”. Here are the results: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=364597486951798&set=a.208832852528263.50922.194047690673446&type=1&theater;
All the people from spectators to pro bodybuilders gave him a huge applause and many cried. Do we really need a better example from power of mind ?

So, Whats your pathetic excuse not to do something for your health ? It’s too hard ? I dont think so.

Arnold, makes this story heard. Make it fast.