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Don’t blame others - be responsible for your own success


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My name is Attila Korosi,

I was born and raised in a country where there are no opportunities neither rewards for hard work, honesty and dedication, especially if your origins are not 100% domestic. I grew up in Eastern Europe. Having parents from two totally different religious as well as national backgrounds just made everything worse…at the time I was growing up in the 90s, there was a sanction against my country which made it hard for people to travel outside of the country. When I told people my dream of
coming to U.S they laughed at me as if I was joking or crazy…

Step#1 – Vision – the most important thing towards success is having a clear goal in your mind.
Growing up I always had the vision that I belong to somewhere else, that I am meant for something greater, that I want to do things that others around me were afraid of even dreaming about it.
Senior year in high school, I read an article “the U.S.A is providing full athletic scholarships for prospective students” – instantly I knew this was my free ticket to the States. My only goal, the sole purpose of my existence was to become a good enough runner/athlete to make institutions in the U.S interested in me.

Step#2 –  Don’t just talk, Take action!
I had 9 months before graduating from high school. For those 9 months I only saw one thing in my mind… The US flag…. It wasn’t a problem for me to run in the snow or in 110F weather, it didn’t matter that the locker room didn’t have electricity or water, it didn’t matter that most of the time I was alone with no support, it didn’t matter that the people around me were kept saying you CAN’T… My vision was so strong that my consciousness successfully materialized it. By the time I was graduating high school I had several offers from the best, Division 1, Universities. Keep in mind that I hated running. However, sometimes you have to sacrifice the present for the future.

Step#3 –Challenge yourself - When one goal is accomplished, I believe, the happiness is stolen by the birth of another goal. 
Being in the States, in Oklahoma, I graduated as one of the best student. However, just graduating was never my ultimate goal. It was only a step toward a bigger picture. The very next day after my graduation I took a risk, met some people from craigslist, and moved to LA. Now, I want to break into the movies industry. I want to be the most sought out after actor/director. In the beginning I was using excuses such as: I need this/I need that. There are no excuses, the animal side, the side that lead me to US took over me. And I said to myself, if I want to break in I must have a product. So I I wrote a screenplay. I have been in LA for little over a year, and I directed and produced two movies. The first one premiered on a film festival. The second one is in its final stage of post-production. For the 2nd one I was able to involve a helicopter into production.The two movies I did so far were created without any kind of outside support. It was only my willingness to go out and make something.

Step#4 – remind yourself of what you have accomplished so far.
Its very hard, its challenging and the chances are close to zero… but that is exactly what makes it worth pursuing it. Just put yourself in the position of a hunter who wants to hunt down the most elusive prey. If the prey is easy to catch then it would not provide personal satisfaction at the level that would ensure personal freedom. I can‘t allow myself to chase that kind of a prey… I want to catch something that is very elusive, something that requires planning, dedication and discipline; now the challenge to hunt,  becomes a journey an adventure that requires every fiber in your body willing to do that extra step. The journey is full of obstacles that can sometimes scare us away, question ourselves…Therefore, it is essential to remind ourselves what have we accomplished so far. For example, every door is closed for me in Hollywood. That’s cool, because if every door would be open then anybody could just come to Hollywood and succeed. I keep knocking, nobody answers. Eternity passes by and still the door is closed. Doubt increases, confidence decreases… I close my eyes and question – what have I done so far? Well with no help I came to the States. Without being able to speak the language I learned and become one of the best students… Now all of a sudden, warmth fills my heart, my fist becomes stronger and my knocking becomes louder. The hunt continues, I’m more equipped… the prey becomes less elusive.

Step# 5 – encourage yourself
Self-confidence comes into the game.I already prove myself that I can do things that previously seemed to others impossible. I’m sure all of us have those little memories that we are very proud of, bring those up every day…I close my eyes and tell myself: I’m young now, I’m in shape, I’m disciplined, I have my six pack(I worked for it) Why do I doubt? Why am I afraid? What if I lose? Then I fast forward time and envision myself that I am 70 years old and looking at my old photos (my current self) and thinking, man I wish I would have a second chance to go back in time and push myself harder and smarter…There is only one journey…

Step#6 - Learn from others, imply their actions

There is no better example than Arnold Schwarzenegger, who I consider the most successful individual of our time. He succeeded by using the same principles he applied in body building. When Arnold began his journey here in America, he was big (its was weird at that time), he had a thick accent. However, he succeeded. Why? Because he always knew what his prey was.

What happens if you don’t succeed? Well, my thoughts are, at least you tried. What else matters more than personal freedom. If you enjoy your journey you can’t lose. Gradually you will notice that your pain will become your enjoyment, your weakness your strength and your destiny to be the best!


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you did a great job… amazing story


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Hey Andrii, I’m glad you like it. Thanks!
Soon I’ll post couple of videos, including a movie trailer I made.