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Achieving Greatness: Size vs Strength and the Unique look + Photos


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My name is Attila Korosi.

The purpose of this article is to take you on my journey by providing you a step by step detailed explanation on how I become lean and super strong for my size.  At the moment I weight about 185 pounds and have no problem bench pressing over 380 pounds. At first 380 pounds might not seem a lot and probably you will question my statement of “super strong” and you might be right, but if I tell you I lifted 380 pounds without taking any supplements (not even protein shakes) then you might reconsider your opinion.

I like to observe and what I notice is:
People with headphones
Too much talking
Dry shirt/no sweating

The most important thing is the VISION. Knowing where you want to be, where you are now, and how to get to the point where you want to be.

FOCUS, while your are doing your reps think about your muscle cells. Think about how they extend and contract after each motion. See them grow, give them the power of invincibility. You can all accomplish this by your thoughts. By your mental power.

Being/looking unique is my constant goal. I see massive and strong people in the gym but my issue with that is that they all look the same. By looking at them somehow you can tell that their muscles aren’t natural, their veins look artificial. For me it’s just a body with no will, with no story to tell.

For me, the real challenge is to reach the heights of our individual potential in the scope of our limits while solely relying on our mental power. Finding the balance between physical and mental strength, uniting them to create something unique. My goal is to mold my physicality according to my mental straight.  For me body reflects our spiritual and physical strength together. I think Arnold accomplished that and that is why he became the ultimate body builder…

My formula:
The power of a body + the power of the mind = transcending known limits + true art

Example of my Chest routine:

Part A.) Before lifting
* Regardless of what part of my body I working on I always start my day with a warm up. I dedicate about 10 min to shake up my body starting from my head/neck and working my way down to my ankles
Part B.) After lifting
10 min of abs. Different abs exercises. 3 min lower back and usually 2 min butt exercises. - 90% of the time PART B consists of weight free motions

A.) Bench press:
Usually I start out with only the bar, 45 pounds, I do 5 reps. I take about 30 sec rest and increase the weight to 135 pounds, again 5 reps. Another 30 sec rest, 185X5.

I take about 3 min off. During those 3 minutes I stretch my upper body. Starting with head/neck circles, followed by shoulder rotation, elbow stretching.

After 3 min of rest, I continue: 5x225 30 sec rest, 5x255, 1min rest 5x285 again take 3 min off.  I drink water, shake up my joints and continue with 5x300 1 min rest 5x315 1 min rest 5x320

I take about 5 min off and I go to the decline bench. Here I do, 2 sets of 225pounds 20 times with 2-3 minutes between them.

Drink water and proceed to incline bench. Here I have somebody to spot me because I need his/her help to take the weights off. I start with 205x5 5 sec rest, 185x5 5 sec rest, 165x5 5 sec rest, 135x10 5 sec rest and with 45 pounds(the bar) as many as I can. I take about 5 min off and do two sets of this.

B.) Machine Chest press: I do three different machines - each time I’m trying to rotate them. For each machine I do the first set light and about 10 reps, the 2nd set I do heavy about 5 to 8 reps and the 3rd I do light again, usually little lighter than I did my first set. However, this time I max out on reps.

C.) Resistance
I do 2 to 3 exercises depending on my energy level. When I do resistance I put the most effort on my upper chest.

D.) Dumbbells and butterflies
Each set of dumbbell is followed by a set of butterfly. I Usually do 3 sets.

E.) 3 sets of 10 dips with about 30 sec of rest between them.

*PART B - mentioned earlier

Sometimes when I feel very sore and tired I spend 20 min,  5 min in cold water and 15 min in hot SPA.
My workouts last about 90min. Right below my gym is a huge buffet, usually 30-40 min after my last rep, I eat like an animal. Red meat, pasta, sea food, fruit, sweets are all available and I eat them all together.
I created this kind of workout for me and I truly enjoy it. I go 4 to 5 times to the gym a week. Gym is my sanctum. Its not only the place where I go just to lift but also it is the place where I connect with my inner self. It helps me to learn about myself.

I’m on my mission to become a famous actor and director. In order to reach higher limits, for me, its essential to make the perfect balance the perfect connection between my mental and physical being and the gym is where I find my help.

The power of a body + the power of the mind = transcending known limits + true art

If you are interested how I work on my other body parts, feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to share my experiences as well as learn from others.

Attila Korosi


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