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What do I do to get self discipline?


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I am asking because I am either lazy or have no self respect how do I get either? I am asking because I know this is the first step for doing anything to make myself a better person


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Hi, I know this is an old post, But i think its an imported topic that most of us need help with.

Search speakers like Jim Rohns and Brian Tracey for Self discipline, they have some real good advice.
And the have a ton of material on youtube.

Discipline is a habit that can be learned with constant conscious effort.
it takes 21 day to learn new habits, And the more habits you discipline your self to the easier it gets.
Simple things like apple a day or going to bed and waking early all help lead to discipline of greater more powerful habits.

Also, important note is that people who feel they lack self discipline are generally the most discipline of all. They are constantly aware of it and looking to improve open it. Where the others give it no consideration at all.

FYI I find that reminding yourself by writing your yearly goals down every morning and making a daily to do list helps a lot with discipline and time management. It also helps eliminate procrastination.

Jim Rohn quotes “don’t start the day until you’ve got it planed”

The most important part of success in any area is constant self discipline. And that is something that so many people lack.