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how many must have calories for bulking?


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height: 5’9

im not new to body building, i have gone from being a really skinny kid to an average kid with developed muscles.

a few months ago i had acid reflux.. i took medication for it and its a lot better now but it seams if i eat calorie high foods like pizza, ice cream and stuff like that i have problems…

so im trying to make a super clean diet… i can easily get 1.5 grams of protein per body weight. but my calories only come out to 2800..

is that many calories sufficient…


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Keep tracking your weight and see if you are actually making gains. Hunger is also a pretty good indicator, lol.


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It is not easy to manage weight today. I’m 41 and I have more than 4 fiat regimes or I lost 30 kg on average from 99 kg to 67 kg lower. My work on-site industrial piping, welding and sheet metal and hard and makes a good daily diet and good effort! But these sites are valid for six months in the year, the rest are small jobs! Added to that a couple’s life as tumultuous and you see the ups and downs of a diet! But now I’m careful, I do not smoke and I even wrote an ebook on this subject.
Ce n’est pas facile de gérer son poids aujourd’hui. J’ai 41 ans et j’ai fiat plus de 4 régimes ou je perdais 30 kg en moyenne passant de 99 kg à 67 kg au plus bas. Mon activité professionnelle sur chantier industriel en tuyauterie, soudure et chaudronnerie et très dur et permet un bon régime quotidien et de bon effort! Mais ces chantiers ne sont valables que six mois sur l’année, le reste sont des petits boulots! Ajouté à cela une vie de couple aussi tumultueuse et vous voyez les hauts et les bas d’une diète ! Mais aujourd’hui je fais attention, je ne fume pas et j’ai même écrit un ebook sur ce sujet.