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Committing to Fitness with Goals.


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This time last year I made a decision to get fit, but gave up after a few months.  I was going to the Gym, and swimming regularly but I didn’t see results I wanted or feel like I had structure to my workouts.  I tend to be like that in general.  Quick to start new things, quick to stop.  After watching a few Arnold videos I’ve realised that I need clear goals to achieve the fitness I have in mind and the mental discipline to break through the lack of motivation.  I.e., visualise it, achieve it.

I’ve already cut convenience food like McDonalds out of my diet and feel better for doing so.  I’ve lost a bit of weight and feel more energetic.  Whenever I get the temptation to go there, I see myself as I wish to be, and decide not to go.  It was tough the first time.  I was standing in there with a friend and felt the hunger in my mouth as I looked at the board, but I was able to tell him I was buying nothing and walk out.  It was an excellent sense of achievement.

To keep on the same track, I’m taking up Karate, and looking forward to my first session in a few days time.  I have a long term to goal to rise up through the belts, get stronger, and have more energy.

I’m also thinking about training up to run a 6 mile run in 6 months.  In my head it’s adding a mile a month, and the test is in seeing if I can achieve an extra mile a month - not something visual like seeing bigger muscles, or having a 6 pack. If all goes well, that will be a happy by product, but not the goal.

I’ll talk to a few friends about the movement and encourage them to post their progress on the forum.

Hopefully this will be a great beginning for a lot of people.



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My goals are simple, and my motivation is Arnolds good mood, and the wish to look good again.

My goal is to permanently loose 25kg fat that are all stuck on my belly.
I have a natural slim body, and just wanna get my firmness back.
Im 44..