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noticed something interesting during a christmas “rest” week


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I’m a big fan of variation in all ways possible, routine, weights, order of weights, how I exercise (resistive, free weights etc).... well this past 7 days as its been christmas I’ve not been to the gym nor have I run… and well the food I’ve eaten has been rich and a bit “junkie”....

Interesting thing I’ve noticed mainly this last few days is I’ve had an all over body muscle ache, worse than ever before…. I’m pretty sure given the rich food and inactivity my body finally entered full steam into a recovery phase…. as people say the ache is part of the muscle repair and build process….

Interestingly when I finally visited the gym today I did remarkably well, able to do more reps and at higher weights…. I’m pretty sure today was the first I’ve worked out in a long time with well stocked glycogen stores too.

Thoughts?  In my head or real? anyone else experienced this?