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I have just read the inspiration that is ‘Spark’ and would like to share the impact of exercise, fitness, health and wellbeing on my life and now with others.

The’Spark’ for me happened in my mid teens purely for aesthectic bodybuilding reasons,I wanted to break away from the binge drinking culture that had emerged around my peer group and maintian and build upon my athleticism for future years.  At the time I felt in the minority but always knew that this was to be the precident to succesful living for me. Healthy body and mind.

So i lifted, ran, eat and achieved all that I desired personally and still do to this day.

With reference to the number ‘2’ spark; this occured with a motivation to help others combat poor lifestyle habits and find a stronger them through phsical fitness.  So a I completed my sports science degree and commenced personal training…

Today I teach students to become personal trainers, to motivate others, to lead by example.  In my career there is nothing more inspiring than seeing my students take on board the endless fitness possibilities that can be achieved in life and relay the message to others.  My students take warm ups at charity runs, lead health days at local hospitals, schools.  Previous students work in a wide range of health clubs across the country.

The spark that I experienced when I first entered the gym at 15 has never gone out and has only emerged into a flame for others to follow, I was not a champion of any sort just someone who believed that exercise, nutrition and health would provide the foundations for wider life fulfillment. 

In reflection, within my own little way the success to date has been more than I ever expected. There is however so much work to be done with current lifestyle habits and to spread the word of what is seemingly obvious.  Productivy, longevity, motivation, mood, realtionships, career, money are all indirectly effected by health the foundation to maximumisation of living. Lead by example, make exercise practical , simple and effective: turn the spark into a flame for all to see.