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Life threatening belly fat - excercises ?


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I have that, its around 25kg.
it seems nomatter what, i cannot shake it.

in 2011 summer i lost 20kg just by playing golf and eating healthy, but in the winter i gained back 10kg,
and now, january 2013, i am back to 94kg, with ALL the fat that i have, in 1 single place, the belly.
All the fat i lost from golf, was the ass and thighs, and hip.    the belly didnt react :(

and its killing me.
i cant move, i feel bloated, i have pains, and i cant bend to take on my shoes and cut my toenails.

My spark is i want to get rid of this, can it be done ?
What exercises are burning belly fat ?

i cant live like this anymore; my inspiration is Arnold again, as i am reading his Total Recall these days.

i will post a horrific picture when i get one taken.
then i will work my ass of to make a much better picture in the future, 6 months, 12 months..

i have a lot of mental power, but i need some clues here.
i am depressed..

Thank you Arnold for doing this forum!


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The trick to reducing belly fat is to forget about spot reducing fat all together and sticking to a good diet. Losing fat is a body-wide thing, just some parts of the body take longer.

Diet wise low carb (check out Gary Taubes’ “Why We Get Fat” if you’re interested) and consider taking up a full body exercise routine if you want to improve your strength/aesthetics further.

With regards to depression, I have heard good things about Dr. Steve Ilardi’s “The Depression Cure”. Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s a self-help book, I understand it’s one of the better books out there as the author comes from a psychology background and draws from good science.