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No comeback for Arnold on the silverscreen in Sweden


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Nordisk Film, who owns the rights to The Last Stand, has decided to release in direct-to-dvd instead. This came as a chock for us swedish Arnold-fans. They seem to think that there is no interest in sweden for the return of the greatest actionhero of all time.

Help our cause by liking and sharing https://www.facebook.com/ViSomSomVillSeTheLastStandPaBio?fref=ts

And fill Nordisk Film facebook page with anything Arnold and The Last Stand! https://www.facebook.com/nordiskfilmsverige?fref=ts

I have tried to get in contact with Arnold himself, on reddit, twitter, facebook etc. Hopefully he can make a videomessage to support our cause, but it is a longshot. raspberry


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Thats not right! :( Im with you dude, lets get them to reconsider, going on facebook now :D


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Well why did Arnold’s movie not make it to Sweden ? Is there any particular reason ?