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elderly bodybuilder


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Hi all!
I’m not a bodybuilder. I am a scientist.
I like the actor Schwarzenegger. My childhood was split with the emotions of the movie with Arnold.
Now I’m an adult. And Arnold is the aged. I’ve been doing battle with the disease as “old age.” I have a right to claim that it is a disease.
It’s a shame that I know how to treat, and if you do not go out of the world because of the random case, we will decide this problem. And then it will be the only way to get out of this world: an accident.
I’m from Russia, my experimentation in Russia, of course, not interested. But, fortunately, are interested in the Ukrainian Scientific Institute and has already begun exeperimental.
Ask Arnold. Arnold, soon i will cure old age. It will resemble a “rejuvenating apples”, but Apple will have to fill a special substance.
I hope I have time until the disease will kill you.

This is an automatic translation from google translator. All congratulations to the coming of spring, and I wish you eternal youth!


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Hi Josco, Just read your post and I am glad you posted it!
  I am 71 and I workout three days a week to stay hard and healthy and and cycle three days as I have time. (20 miles each time) I think I am doing good at it. I know if I ever get hurt bad that my healh will have a major problem.
  Tell me where you are and what your thoughts are on Aging??



Yoga/Pilates, Lifting & Cycling
If you didn’t know how old you are,
How old would you be?
I would be 50!!