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Who care about homles?


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Hi, my name is Nicu Nelu Cotet,im from Romania but im out from contry more then 10 years,i have 35 years old man, yes relly im homles in out roud London in UK bc i cant get a job no many doncuments bc David increase hard obtion to make this documents for job or inposible for our contry,i have 5 years+ in Uk homles out in water,could,snow,hot im like nature wood i it all i dont like no choise,i dont use drugs,dukns and still im not sick but no longer bc this could gona send me in next life or many times on hospital flu/etc,im not crazy yet :D and no lazy i want work but they dont leave me,i dont have problem with police hier or my contry,i dont have family or frends,im like on animal who love good ppl but ppl never love me bc im homles no one help you,if i finde food on roud or rubish bin in that this day im happy if not im sad wait for next day my be loky day,my dream is only dream for come in America make frends,family and to be American for ever cityzen and to be frend with Arnold Schwarzenegger but this never gona happen its just a dream still i beleave this dream one day i well be their just wait and wait time gone im stll mad bc i gona be old and old man and i dont do nothing in this life,i beleave god one day send some angel help me for become American man and have frends ,family,wath i cant say dont have alot of acces to internet but on i have i still chech something new about Arnold for see relly i like this man im fan from kids and i love him like frend its relly nice man on this world and smart,intelect,intelingent and very very good hear i see how many goods doing well sorry for my bad english…/ ty and good bless you all please let your opinion hier please.

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