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Meeting Arnold


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Hello Folks, I’m new here. But been a fan of Arnold for years, also a bit of a collector. I live in a pretty rural part of Canada where the opportunity to meet celebrities are pretty few and far between. Recently I was fortunate enough to meet most of the cast from the Terminator franchise, I had them sign my replica T-800 skull.

Pics can be found here http://imgur.com/a/AfVBj

It was a total pleasure, they were all incredible. But it’s just not complete without Arnold or Eddy, but especially Arnold. What I’m wondering is: Does Arnold do conventions? I know he did a few book signings etc. But I don’t think anything in Canada.

My point being I’d love the meet this man, such an entertainer and inspiration. Is there a list of upcoming appearances or anything of the sort that I should keep my eye on?

Thanks for the advice.


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we all love, respect and admire Arnold very much. He is our Hero and inspiration.