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Total Recall changed my life


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Okay so here I go, I was a large child growing up and I found it hard to lose weight no matter what I did, so eventually I gave up. I was searching for the Total Recall dvd on amazon and came across a book I did not even know was out. I have read the book 3 times since I purchased it and I am a quarter away through it for a fourth time. When I started to read this book I weighed in at 21 st and 7” or for you Americans 303,8 pounds and I was only 20 years old. Although this book did not make me want to take up body building because it has never been a particular interest of mine it taught me self motivation, self confidence, healthy living and much more. As a ressult of this gain in confidence I decided to join a gym which I have always felt like rubbish even passing one, I got into a regime which benefitted me in cutting off the pounds, which gave me more confidence. I also started eating healthy which was a huge lifestyle change for me seen as though all I use to eat was fast and rubbish food. As I started to cut off the pounds I gained more confidence when talking to girls which resulted in me finding the love of my life. Thanks to this book I have been encouraged and motivated which has resulted in me cutting down on my weight. and now I weigh in at 13st and 6” or 190.4 pounds. This book has completely changed my life and it is the best read I have ever made, not just to lose weight but it gave me a much much wider insight into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life which is amazing because I am a huge fan and motivated me like nothing else could.