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The truth about sixpackshortcuts.com


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Hello everyone,

I wanted to have a platform to share my true story. I started the largest fitness channel in youtube history called youtube.com/sixpackshortcuts


I am 24 years old and started the company working out of a one bedroom apartment with 2 friends in Austin, TX

I was the head of advertising and copy writing at a company that made 1 million gross revenue in January of this year. If you are a male age 17-35 then you have seen my ads everywhere on the net.

The story of everything that went down there is insane. Picture the movie boiler room. Add steroids, adderal, giant youtube followings, strip clubs, drugs and my company had over 35 employees with none of the owners over the age of 27.

Just moved to LA to create my newest project.

Arnold has been my icon of business and personal life since I was five years old.  I would consider it the greatest honor to share my true story with him and his community.

If interested please contact me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Thank you guys!