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Does arnie actually read this forum? Terminator 5 Ideas


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Hi I know this is a fan site and Im a self claimed Arnie nut.
so if i post something here will he actually read it or respond?

I have 100’s of questions but im sure he doesn’t have 1000’s of hours to answer them so i’ll keep this uick…

If Arnie’s gonna do some more terminator films, will he make sure that he ends this legacy with some seriously cool style?

I mean who want commercial stuff in some of his best films.
the commercial side of thing ruined T3 I think so will Arnie go back to the hard a gritty side of T2?

I have some cool ideas for future terminator films…

why can’t you have 2 or maybe 3 T800’s protecting John Conner?
I’d love to see a big armed and then un armed combat with 3 T800’s a few T1000’s and maybe even a hybrid terminator all fighting in the same room?

sounds really cool, you can even add a few building getting demolished in the same fight?

sounds wey cool, and what about throwing dumpsters at each other? I’d love to see that.

what about john Conner making a terminator that makes terminators in a small make shift factory so they can fight against sky nets terminators?

what about an entire fortress of terminators defending humans deep within the walls. a pure terminator battle . total war!!!

oh and can we have Sara Hamilton back in it? like maybe she never really died and john Conner was lied to or something.

I like Sara Hamilton she should be in some of the films.

oh yeah and what about some new futuristic weapons like a nuclear machine gun or something?
yeah and nuclear powered tanks and fast cars?


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You have just a few ideas for action scenes, Janet, but no idea for the story.
That’s my problem. I have the idea for the story but I don’t know where I can send it to.
In my story Mr. Schwarzenegger comes back as a human.

Question to the Moderator:

Do you know, if Mr. Schwarzenegger is interested for such ideas?
Where can I send it to?
And can I write it in german?

Please send me a PN.




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i think you can send it to
Oak Productions
Post Office Box 1234
Santa Monica, CA 90406
This is Arnold’s office as far as i know.
It is also the address to http://www.schwarzenegger.com