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Here’s A Movie For Arnold


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When even I am better built than Arnold, perhaps it’s time to give Conan and The Terminator a rest. Still, the allure of the spotlight beckons, here is (besides Conan) the role Arnold was born to play; The picture of Arnold old but big brought this book to mind, I thought, “He’s be great as the guy in Tim Powers book” the book has it all beer, Austria, Muslim Invaders, the Siege of Vienna (1st) high adventure and deep mystery! Arnold also gets to dress in period costume so he doesn’t have to get in awesome shape. See


Thank me later.

p.s. Powers is the guy that “inspired” The Pirates of the Caribbean movies….he’s a great writer and the book is awesome.


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Have you seen the movie TWINS. i got a DVD. It has got great story and is very funny and hilarious. It is a feel-good movie. Loved it a lot. You got to watch it.