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Pull ups and cardio training advice


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Hello, I train hard every day to get into the military, a test will require me to do as many “exaggerated” pull ups as I can, and run a “Luc l├ęger” test.

I have started training hard about a year ago, not being able to do a single pull up, and I can now do about 12, I need to do about 20 and my test is in 60 days. My maximum sustained speed is 13.5 km/h, I wish to do about 15 km/h. I weigh about 84 kilograms and am decently fit, with no noticeable fat on my body, I do not know my body fat percentage.

To reach my goal I have mounted a pull up bar and bought an indoor cycle. I currently follow the Armstrong pull up program and the High Intensity Interval Training program called “Little method”. My “cardio training” includes 45 minutes of cycling at 125 heartbeats per minute.


Today I have noticed some progress, being stalled for about 3 weeks. I was able to do 10 sets of 5 reps with 60 seconds in between, instead of 6, last week.

My general training goes as follows :

Day 1 : APP + Little method training
Day 2 : APP + Cardio training
Day 3 : APP + Little method training
Day 4 : APP + Cardio training
Day 5 : APP + Little method training
Day 6 : Rest
Day 7 : Rest

Rinse and repeat, I also put in some core training and do 3 x 40 push ups every morning except the week end.

Should I do more cardio ? Take one day of rest away ? More pull ups ? I have the motivation to work out every day of the week, but I know it would negatively affect me.

I would love any thoughts on this, I was told that I was over doing it and that what I am doing was too much, but that was from a single source and I wish to have more advice on this, as this is extremely important to me.

Thank you in advance.