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My Son


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Hello everybody, l’ve joined this Forum to some how say thank you to Mr. Schwazenegger for what his done for my son, about three and a half months ago Leonard my son received and Cerebral Hypoxic injury putting him in a coma for three weeks.
A Doctor advised us to play him songs he liked l then found a copy of Arnie’s Six Secrets to Success and a few of the lighter quotes PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN, GET TO THE CHOPPER etc randomly placing these in between the music tracks.
My son came out of his coma and started to get better and can clearly remembers Arnie’s speech we are now doing Rehab at home using exercises form Arnold’s Bodybuilding for Men, Leonard has now started to gain muscle strength and yesterday walked seven steps.
My son has been left blind but with the help of these words of encouragement and the training my son will in time be able to live a near normal life as possible.