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CBL - 2 weeks of ‘progress’.


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Hello guys.
I have been fascinated by John Keifers Carb back-loading program.

I have been doing stronglift 5x5 since last summer, untill late november, and have switched to a more bodybuilding-based program since January.

I was looking to lose some fat, and get more ‘ripped’, and thought the CBL idea was great - I could eat what I want after training, and still burn fat. I have been doing this for two weeks straight, but only seen a raise in my bodyfat %.
First week: 17,7 %
Second week: 18,5 %
Third week: 18,6 %
Now my question is, is this because of the short period of doing this, or is there some other explanation?

Something that might be relevant:
- I do not eat breakfast, I eat lunch at 11.30
- For lunch: egg and bacon
- My workout is a 2 split program, 4 times a week
- I work out at about 18.15 till 20 or 19.30 depending on the split
- I don’t count calories when doing CBL
- I don’t do CBL on non-training days
- I am 22 years of age
- Weigh about 86,7 kg
- 191 cm. tall

Thanks for any replies in advance !