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Chronic Illness


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Thank You Arnold for helping me to believe in myself. 

The journey is not easy for any of us.

I try daily to overcome my chronic illness.

Your inspirational words and the Schwarzenegger community helps me to have a fighting chance.


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Your words are highly inspirational. I believe in you. Hope Arnold inspires you to believe in yourself.Never give up the fight through your chronic illness. My right arm is broken into two and I am plastered. I still believe in Arnold. I had several very serious ailments and difficulties in my life and I try to overcome them including severe rheumatic arthritis when I couldn’t even move.  I had many other severe illnesses prior to it too but my faith in Arnold has helped me to come out of it. If possible do read Arnold’s moving account of his true life - the autobiographical book - ” Total Recall : My Unbelievably True Lifestory”....


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My best advice for beating “CHRONIC ILLNESS”.

1. A daily routine. Research everyone who lives 100 years or more and you will find they do nearly the same thing every day. That doesn’t mean they’re not creative, but it does require recognizing those healthy habits you have and practicing them religiously.

2. I beat cancer 5 times in my life without surgery. The first part of that is to reduce what you eat until your body is as thin as an Ethiopian. Research the longest living animals and you’ll find they rarely eat. Of course if you are lifting for bulk/muscle you have to get that protein somewhere, so if you must eat, eat seafood as much as possible for clean protein. When I was 20 I benched 405 max freebar and while I never made Mr. Universe, I was in great shape and part of that was eating right. No junk food, very little or zero processed food; good fish, good veggies, good fruit and today you have to research strange things some foods contain.

3. Vitamin C Crystals - bulk powder from either GNC (expensive) or Bronson Labs (kilo jars) or much less if you buy Grandma style ascorbic acid used for canning fruits. A healthy tablespoon in water or juice at night just before bed and its a natural sedative - no drugs required. In 20 minutes you will say “I don’t feel anything.” and suddenly you will wake up the next morning with that feeling you were in a deep deep deep sleep.

NEVER take it in the morning or if you plan on leaving the house. The first few times you take it your gut will clean out every toxin you have and its a bazooka event with very little warning. You don’t want to do that in traffic or a board meeting which happened to a pal in NY once. I warned you. If you take it at night, the next morning you will find out what a fast and furious 5 lbs of toxins leaving earth (your body) is all about. Enjoy. Thank me later.

4. Speaking of drugs if you’re on them slack off and quit, or if its toxic stuff and not required to be healthy (i.e. not blood pressure meds) just cut it cold turkey. There is no way to get healthy and drink like a fish, smoke like a chimney or pop pills. There isn’t really any disease mental or physical you can’t cure by eating right, drinking the right stuff and exercising. Your body has great mechanisms for healing, but it requires that you let it do its job without putting a toxin load on it.

5. Live in a city? No way will you get healthy. I grew up in SoCal and the smog…OMG…I swore I would move out and live within a mile of the ocean for life and except for some college time in Chico I don’t really remember much, I have. Good air, low stress, near zero traffic, nice neighbors, clean seafood. If you can’t afford moving out of an apartment, get a cheap sailboat. A life on the water is far better than anything in a city. Read the story about how Dana Point got its name.

6. Old George Burns said he lived by the mantra “Get up. Get dressed, Get out.” and that is how to stay young. If you watch more than 1-2 hours of TV a week you’re toast. Read a book, go to a gym, get a bike, get some weights, get a sailboat, surfboard, whatever, but if you own a couch you’ll get a lot healthier by selling it or giving it away.

7. Tap water is toxic. I sold water door to door in high school. Drink cheap distilled water and nothing else. Get your minerals from kelp, seafood and veggies and you’ll be fine. The minerals in bottled water suck. Perhaps someday Arnold will brand his own water: it’d sell like hotcakes. You heard it here first and yes; I could engineer the electrolytes for that brew.

I could go on, but why? There’s enough here for you to kick any chronic illness or at the least, begin the journey. It takes time; at least a month or two, before you see real results, though you will feel results in just a few days if you listen to your body responding to positive changes. You have to work it every day. Stretch, lift, ride, suck oxygen and try to be gentle on your joints as you learn new movements you haven’t done for decades and you’ll be fine.