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please, help me for my weight Arnold


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my name is Melanie, sorry for my English really bad. I use google translator.

I admire you very much for your movie, but I saw that you had a page to lose weight and stay in shape.

I have a problem of on weight. I’m taking protein shake, eat vegetables, and good thing when I have the financial means ..... and drink alot of water. But nothing works. I earn lbs instead of lose.

Unfortunately I do not have alot of money. My health does not allow me to have a job and I paid about $ 2000 (that I have to repay), to save the lives of two loved one. one of them is my cat for a urinary blockage and the other my boyfriend to give her his big dream, can-he had lost interest in life. auj my cat is doing well and my boyfriend found hope.

But since I do not have much financial means for health club or training or to buy me the best food I ask you if you would not have good advice for me to lose weight. S.V.P.

This is very important because I have already the problem of health, and I earn lbs instead of losing and 15 minutes dancing and eating shake and drink water. the more I can do to protein shake because I have nothing.

I have about 70 lbs to 90 lbs to lose. While you advise me? How can I do to lose all that weight without making me sick and without cost me money I did not.

Thank you in advance for your answer.