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Arnold, can you help me inspire my fellow students in Finland with a picture and/or quick message?


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I’ve taken up a challenge of learning French from scratch in 5 weeks. The point of it is to give a public speech in the end about how important it is to decide and start doing instead of waiting to see if at some point you’re good enough. I want to show the power of determination, and that anything is possible to those who really want it.

It would absolutely be a killer ending to the show to have a picture of Arnold taken just for this, and / or at least a short personal inspirational message about determination, the possibilities that knowing multiple languages gives, and that life is too short to think big things can’t be achieved by everyone.

I’m a 25 year old engineering student from Tampere Finland, and I represent only myself. I just want to make a difference in how people think. I would be ever grateful for Arnold to take a small period of his busy time and help me spread the inspiration that he represents.