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Arnie visits Australia!


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I met Arnie at the Arnold Classic Australia in Melbourne last week. Such a nice guy! Here are some snaps I took + there’s more on the Iron Man website:



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I know this has nothing to do with Arnie Visits Australia. But its REALLY IMPORTANT!!!!

Hello Arnold,
I’m a huge fan of yours! Our school is currently well sucks. well to me. I really would like it if you can come to our school, Crossroads North Middle school. I am in 7th grade. It would be a pleasure if you would come and give our school some advice for the future. People may not listen to our school staff. But they WILL listen to you. Because your a well known beloved person. it would be grade if you can come and talk to us. please email me. I’m really desperate to meet you. Just sayin you dont know how may lives you can save in South Brunswick from drugs, sexual things, etc.  My email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

- Mamado.


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Arnold is working a lot with After School All Stars in several schools in USA. they have their own website as well as the website attached to this website among Arnold’s Causes. The organization trains students in building their careers with innovative programs held in different cities of USA in different times and Arnold is the Founder. Kids are supervised after school hours so that they find their own path and direction in their lives and not resort to drugs, violence, gangs and promiscuity.