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Return to Bodybuilding - Renewed respect for Arnold Schwarzenegger


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Thirty years or so ago I was inspired by someone I viewed as the most incredible bodybuilder of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger. I read everything I could find about him, repeatedly watched Pumping Iron and studied photographs of him, marvelling at his strength, size and symmetry.

I followed his advice and tried to train like him.  I won novice Bodybuilding and Power Lifting competitions and by the time I joined the Navy at 25, I was the biggest person at the training establishment.

Unfortunately naval service ruined my knees and family commitments also meant that training ended.

Now I’m 48 and in the New Year I returned to Bodybuilding.  Five months on, I have already changed my body shape into something I recognise from years ago.

What I particularly wanted to share is that Arnold remains my inspiration.  He has always been the best ambassador for this sport and since I first saw him thirty or so years ago, he has achieved so much - what an incredible inspiration he is, not just to me, but to so many others.

It is never too late to build muscle.  Thank you Arnold for inspiring me throughout my life.