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DAGON: Cthulhu vs Arnold! What do you think about it?...


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Hi everyone,

This is Paolo Gaudio an Italian director and stop motion animator.

I’m a Schwarzenegger big fan and actually I’ve decided to become a director also because of his movies and his amazing works.

I’m contacting you to bring to your attention my new project called DAGON: based on the story of cult writer, H.P. Lovecraft, DAGON is a Claymation film that recreates, with humor and extravagance, the supernatural and frightening scenes of the American writer within the typical aesthetics of an ‘80s action movie starring… Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Cthulhu meets Predator, it’s another easiest way to say. 

To develop my movie, I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/761684320/dagon?ref=nav_search - to raising the budget necessary to make the script, all the visual art - characters design and locations - and to make a teaser trailer to show the great fight: Cthulhu vs Arnold.

Please, could you check it out and tell me your thoughts? Would be an incredible help for me, if you could share your opinion about it with me.

Thank you


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