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Changing your worklife


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It isn’t easy to get up and go to work each day of the week time 5 days a week time a lifetime. But most of us do it, one for money, one for satisfaction, on for company, one for self fulfillment.
But to get up in the middle of life and change that routine is a whole different story.
Taking a lost childhood passion and going all the way with it, that is yet another thing altogether.
This year I had to do it, I had to step out of the shadows, I had to take all that held up energy and just do it.
Arnold comes in when I ran into his ride my tank challenge. I could not believe it. Really? He has a tank!
Why did that effect me so much? Because I was a tanker in the IDF! In the midst of all the grease and dust a battalion commander whom I’ve shared my passion in one of those lonely nights in a dark outpost guarding open borders, told me “why don’t you do it? why don’t you design a game about what we do?”
And so I did ...
Now I had finally materialized my passion, after many years of dreaming and after so much time working and providing to my family and leaving the adult life, now I did it I designed Final Act a game I’m so proud of.
Nothing would stop me now, be it crowdfunding or I don’t know what, I must make this game a reality and have it produced and sold for all the world to enjoy!


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