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Bodybuilding - then and now


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I recently saw a documentary featuring Mr Universe winner Steve Michalik, who destroyed his body through steroid use. The interesting thing is that he already won 22 titles, including Mr America and Mr USA, just by training naturally.
I also recently re-read the book ‘Education Of A Bodybuilder’ by Arnold. It seems like back in his day in Gras, all you had was a gym and lots of food. It was all natural. Hard work and diet. Nothing more.

These days, on the other hand, people seem to have the idea that to get any kind of decent muscular physique, let alone compete in bodybuilding, you need to be on drugs. What’s more disturbing is how readily available they are on the internet. I’ve heard multiple stories of kids using them, in ever increasing doses, when they’ve barely even lifted a weight before.

Regarding the pros, it seems they are becoming more and more grotesque every year. I remember reading in Arnold’s book that each year, the standards for strength and size are increasing more and more. Has it gone too far?