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From Arnold to the Night of the Star


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Thank you Mr Schwarzenegger , to have a been a guide since i was 16th,to introduce me to the bodybuilding world, to make me able to realize my dream, in 1987 i was able to organize in France in Cannes , the first professional bodybuilding contest , “the night of the star”, later i became photographer , and , today, now tonight here in Paris, i was sleeping and i was , dreaming that i was talking to you about a new bodybuilding movie, like a 3rd pumping Iron, where the people would fight for environment , i dreamed about this movie and art project and many things , and i woke up and find THIS presentation of the new movie and discover your presentation too, so i don’t know if you would be able to read this but i would dream to meet you and to be able to participate in a new bodybuilding project , perhaps Arnold Classic in Cannes and environmental project through art project , because the source of my motivation was your motivation and this is what means education, the goal is to make people understand that the best education is by motivation,and love and work without any limit. I wish this dream come true again and to be able to meet you and propose my skills.God bless you Mr Schwarzenegger.