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Training partner


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Every champion has a good training partner.
And usually this is the guy who will get next to you.
And say or shout that you can more and to continue the series.
A good training partner is one that encourages us to the limit.
And makes us break down our barriers, it sometimes only be playing in weight.
And do not be putting any more strength only this factor is already great stimulus.
To give you idea of ​​how it works psychologically speaking.
One study showed that two men in a dangerous situation.
React more confident and focused on a hazard way.
Simply by the factor of knowledge that can count on extra help.
This factor applies in the same way in the world of sport is the coach’s figure.
However most coaches are only in theory, now imagine a guy friend.
Which besides having his personal confidence also trains with you?
This guy will have the power to give you an increase of 30% or more on your training.
His energy anger infect you and stimulate competition and reach new goals.
This is a secret so important that some hide champions their mentors and training partners.
Not to give the opportunity to the competitor to understand where to be coming to overcoming it.
Of course his perseverance and willpower will be decisive one will train for you.
Another good training partner is indispensable for a better result.
And see versa you can also be a great incentive for your training partners.
When you help someone achieve new goals it also pushes you is amazing.

Who was the greatest Arnold training partner?

A curiosity that few know not so well.
Is that greatest bodybuilder of all time a living legend in the world of bodybuilding.
We also had a training partner which took him to the limit.
Franco Columbu was part of each Arnold training and weigh less at the time.
If was a giant in strength and encouragement to partner in increasing series and weights.
I think Arnold thought if this “shorty guy” can get all this weight.
I’ll have to get a little more or pass shame for my size forward to it.
No doubt a training partner as Franco Columbu is difficult and rare.
But when we have this luck and happiness to have a Franco training with us.
We must seize every moment to learn from guys like these that we should not stop.
I’m sure at times of low spirits in Arnold training Franco made difference.
To raise the morale and encourages him wear the irons and “break the cables”


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