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here are some xmas gifts


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that makes years i have computers and love Hollywood Entertainment ...thanks to the power of cpu&gpu; and softwares , i can make Movies ;”]
the Movies i released , i name them MixMovies because they are more like the music in a Nightclub than what you saw in Cinema theater . the style is like the Last Action Hero , Terminator Genesis or the episodes of Back to the futures or a simple mix to make all shreks or Lord of the rings films in one .
i am happy to talk about and show them in here ...hoping that will help me to “go and get a job in Hollywood ...”

i made two MixMovies with Long serials : Shrek with 4 episodes and the dual trilogies of the hobbit and LOTR on these i mostly used the different beginnings to recreate a new one , then used the story with no change , my work is mostly visible during the first hour .



the recent NinjaTurtles are very good ; but some parts are really less interesting [ mostly those without turtles ;”] so i remixed in a more complex way , for the first i did a lot cuts and i added parts from others movies with the turtles . i also added a second audio that a mix of music gangsta with a lot of tupac songs and some of run dmc and busta rythm


the latest turtles movie is mixed with a french carton that is the story of two friends that can not leave their home for hollidays , the movie is having french audio but the music is made with a lot of songs from delasoul . in this film there is a man that dreams to be a film maker so he imagine he is filming ...and the dream is made with parts of the turtles movie ..it s very nice


i give also a little remix that has not video yet but with only girls singers…


i hope this examples of my “Art” will help to find friends in here and may be some invitations for visiting California…or working to make computers or films or else ...

n.b. to read them well i advise powerdvd or vlc