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Team Efforts


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As Americans we often try the Lone Ranger Independent approach. Its less complicated and has some advantages. Americans are a stubborn breed, but the old African sayig applies “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Team work is how we created technology to save a planet and I must thank those who contributed their time, expertise, laughter, inspiration and insight into what was created. Now its time to deploy and we are at least 20 years late for the party. Does anyone here know anyone who can inject rocket fuel into a race car for humanity? Having seen the deaf, dumb and blind running so many governments around the world, I am going to gamble on someone who knows how to put a pedal to the metal and inspire a global team of 7 billion people. Who the hell cares whether or not Trump won a U.S. Presidency if the real Crown and Throne goes to the man or woman who saves the rock Trump, Putin and Hillary must all live on?