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“Nothing happens unless first I workout and clean.” Terrestrial officer Denver on Values first and then Motivation secondary


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“Nothing happens unless first a dream.” CARL SANDBURG For me Values are Primary and then motivation is secondary an automatic response to values being met. I had to prime the pump so to speak and then the motivation just started flowing from there.
For Christmas this year I was given intellectual ideas for a technical conversation that I wanted to put my two cents in on. I have the Universe to thank for these ideas they just seemingly came to mind. If you want my opinion or answer in a technical conversation the Universe will give it to me. 
Today, intellectually speaking I felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Gym in the movie Pumping Iron. I have never felt this way before. And I owe to this great experience to the meeting of my values!



“By far, reality is the best invention yet for Lockheed Martin.” What have they already thought of next?” Terrestrial officer Denver On the “Now!” or the Eternal presence of military perfection. “All education of advanced Alien technologies and their distributions will be those series of self discoveries through Playtime whose matter defies the laws of physics. We never forget who we will be playing with.” Terrestrial officer Denver On UFO Work-n-Play! Playtime with a purpose!