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War stogie!


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Hello there!

Where to start. I’ll keep it short and to the point.

Back in 2003 our Recon unit was sent to Iraq, being some of the first units to enter the country and with no logistics set up we were not privileged to mail. After about 4 months in country with logistics finally set up we received our first mail. Only one package, addressed to our unit (not sure if by chance or Arnold himself?) from Arnold Schwarzenegger!

I wasn’t sure what to think. we just received a package from one of my all time heroes! Dying of anticipation we opened the package. Inside was a hand written note and 5 stogies. I about flipped shit, here was my all time hero telling me thank you and sending me stogies. Again not sure if by chance or if he knew but there were just enough stogies for our unit. 

So some of our first mail was form Arnold. Those stogies brought some light to an otherwise dark time in my life. If this somehow finds it’s way back to Arnold I like to tell him think you! There is no way to convey to him the thanks he deserves. Tho it doesn’t seem this post was extremely hard to write. Out of the 5 of us 2 didn’t make it but the story of the Arnold cigar were some of the last stories they had.

Arnold we can not thank you enough! You are an amazing person and our unit has your back if you ever need anything! 


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