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Arnold - Please bring back Billy Jack


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I wish Arnold would consider bringing back the Billy Jack series, and the role made famous by Tom Laughlin. It should be a more or less modern version with a narrative developed around a native American special forces veteran (of the conflict in Afghanistan or Iraq), returning to find a changed and very insensitive America. An America where industry giants like the fossil fuel industry have polarized the country in an effort to further their agenda. The far right vs far left with native Americans and their ancient lands caught in the middle. It would be a take on the unfortunate coup that is presently under way in DC. The new Billy Jack could be played by one of the up and coming young native American actors.  He would have a personality thats a cross between Billy Jack and that of David Carradine’s character in the 1970’s Kung Fu series. The movie could be used to attack the senseless threat to our democracy that we’re witnessing happen in the country presently.