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Before the spark hit you get prepare!


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I will say that getting your desired results depend on your motivation level.
We all know that having the best trainer in the world ,the best diet,the best nutrients ,the best pill and plenty of time will not make us successful until we are not motivate,ready and prepare to do so.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

People often fail to understand that there is no magic program or a pill which will make them or convert them in achieving their goals .
You will not make a step ahead until you try to look from a different angel and this is for sure .

So the things are simple and complicated at the same time .
This things with changing your body ,building muscles ,loosing weight is not a one day ,a week or year of work.

This is a way of life ,this is a way of change and understanding your body and soul .

Why I am saying is a simple thing ? Because i believe once you now how your body work and you are well educated on this you will start getting results and I am saying is complicated because once you get this knowledge it takes time to learn how to use them.

There are many resources, information every where for free and this is a good thing because is free and can be usefull to help us achive what we want .

But many of this information is rubbish and is post from people Who know nothing about training physical activity and what processes are involved in order to get results.

Do not believe on advertising like ?loose 20 kg in 7 days? and do not try any pill promising unbelievable results just for couple of hours, weeks or month. Do not believe on propaganda promising you fast results .
Do not try and do not believe programs promising ?if only do 15mins 3 times a week activity you will get what you want ?

This kind of following will lead you to frustration and will get you far from what you want and in some cases will damage your health!

Be constructive in your way to a new body and soul .

Be prepare ,get ready and be motivate !