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Resolving issues in DC


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To the very honorable Arnold,
Forgive me for bringing some news but I’ve been a all in one fan of your’s for decades it’s time to turn the new leaf and run the realm at a pace that is worthy to follow through than to toll. I noticed you rolling up hill with your bike on route 1 in Washington DC,.. but man did you get the pastor of the mount Bethel church next door to me on Route 1 who is all upset last night. I figured you had gotten my attention but you woke up the pastor who just did a pretty big event which turn out came larger than his church. See it from all angles you know. That right there means a ton. So if you can meet with the pastor and send him my regards and restitution if possible. He loves bodybuilding and fitness too at his age. I gave him a set of spare weights. I have yet to set free the ones I have at my folks which are actual weider old plates. Yet I am holding on to them just in case I move again to a bigger apartment and begin to use them again. I have a mini set of weights here but hardly using them when since I’ve been often sick this past few months. But recovering well.

Also I hope to use your guides about setting up republican system that you once had as a governor back in 2004-2005. I was talking to my sponsor about that. But set them goals at a improved improvised pace. I hope you know you taught me more than your ex’s ever volunteered with. You gave me the pass to the padding of muscles I can rely on and the will to survive. That in itself is creation of your doing humanly as possible. You set the standard no wait you set the bar high enough to reach and be flexible about. I am grateful about that in a big way. So I am back to basics with my regiment after weeks off. So what if they laugh at my little red indian. I’m juggling a lot. Just had a ten year anniversary of a recovery fellowship and my participation.

Yes absolutely I am grateful believe me. Truly grateful about Gold’s Gym and the history of bodybuilding. I have a library of bodybuilding books at home because of you. Thank you again for all that Arnold. You will always be remembered and always be a good friend.  I have been warned that people will fail,.. so what, that’s nay-say say about a lot of people no matter what. To me I see you are trying your best and doing your winning best and making and building good character responses. that’s what I call team leadership than just any paramount leadership. So no sugar coating full fledge honesty.

On a heavy note I want to run California. But I got to live there and be there. I have friends there, family there, fellows, post sponsors and colleagues there. Most of them know me in my difficult times during my trials and tribulations of mental illness. Not to say it’s any easier today. We all have challenges of our own. Together we can overcome them in a healthier way. Anyways please do hit me up about all this fuss about the pastor. I gave him the simon and Schuster contact info to reach you. and your publishing web address next to the q code on the back of the book to get in contact with you. He may order or pick up your book. He’s just trying to figure what’s going on with you and perhaps give you his experience or spiritual right sized lesson. He’s about your height too with a cane and toned muscular for his age. respectively it would be best that you two discuss what the issues are going on.
Yours towards better health,

Andrei Ponze


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