We All Need Fuel

There are few things I enjoy more in life than celebrating achievements.

And what I’m about to share is an important message for all of you.

I want to congratulate the Ladder team, which just had its best month ever. Watching our nutritional supplements help thousands of people makes me incredibly proud, and I want the team to know that LeBron and I couldn’t have done this alone.

From Mike and Adam formulating these incredible products to Danny and Kendall creating a message that strikes a nerve, Alex keeping you updated on social, Patrick and Andrew making sure you receive everything on time, Therese researching products, Jonathan keeping our finances in line, Alicia meeting with the dozens of pro teams that are making the switch to Ladder, Moses and Vince ensuring our site looks great, and Brittany keeping the entire office in check — this was a record-breaking month because of all of you.

Why am I so thrilled about this team and their work? Because, for me, Ladder represents something much bigger.

I always tell people that you can’t fear failure. If you have ever lifted weights, you know that failure is part of progress and necessary for growth. I didn’t bench press 500 pounds the first time I stepped into the gym. I didn’t do it the 100th time I stepped into the gym. But, eventually, I did it.

Now, imagine what would’ve happened if I would’ve quit the first time I failed at lifting more weight? I’d be off yodeling in the Alps and you wouldn’t be getting this email.

I’ve had many failures in my life, movies, and politics. I’ve also failed in supplements. I had a previous endorsement deal where I wasn’t happy with the products. But, I didn’t let that define what could be done.

You can’t always win. But, you can let your failures push you to even great heights if you don’t quit.

So, when LeBron told me that he was taking a protein powder he formulated for himself, I had to try it. And once I did, I knew we had to share this with everyone. Because everyone deserves access to better supplements that deliver better results.

But, this isn’t just about supplements; it’s about a way of life. I always share what I love with the world. What fun would it be to learn new things, to travel to new places, to see a new perspective if you kept it all to yourself? That’s selfish.

That why I Snapchat my travels so you can see the world with me. If I can visit the Vatican or the President’s palace in France, I want you to be there with me.

It’s also why I was an executive producer for Game Changers. Recently, I started eating less meat. Surprisingly, I started feeling better, didn’t lose strength, and my doctors are in heaven. These are all things that I want the world to know.

And it’s why I travel the country fighting gerrymandering. We saw how well reform worked in California, and how people finally felt like their legislators were accountable. I want the rest of the country to have that same experience, and last year we won campaigns in five more states where the politicians will no longer be allowed to pick their voters.

Life is all about constantly learning, growing, and being hungry.

But, it’s also about sharing and recognizing that “self-made successes” are a myth.

Once you recognize that we all receive help, guidance, and support along the way, that’s when you also realize it’s your duty to pass it on. That’s what my fitness crusade is all about.

I can’t take credit for Ladder. That goes to LeBron because he’s a fanatic about testing and safety, and he was intent on making himself the perfect protein. He didn’t just find the best experts, he also tests every single batch in a way you don’t see in this industry.

As we developed more products, I realized how much his approach helped me fall in love with supplements I had never taken before.

The Greens drink and Pre-Workout were new for me. I don’t use a Pre-Workout because going to the gym is the only pump up I need, but when I’m in my office for meetings and the afternoon slump hits, I use Ladder Pre-Workout. Although, now my staff will only give me half because they say I completely take over meetings with a full serving and we need to give other people a chance to talk.

In the old days, I used to play chess when I was filming nights, working from 6pm to 6am. It was the only way I could stay awake when I had to be ready to be on set at any moment. Now, I take my Pre-Workout and no one can stop me — I still play chess during breaks in the action, and I think it improves my game. But I’m always sharp and ready to get back to work.

And when I don’t want a heavy meal before doing stunts, my chocolate plant protein, mixed with a banana and some almond milk, gets me through. By the end of filming Terminator, I had a hard time keeping enough for myself because all of the cast and crew were robbing me blind.

I’m proud of what we have built and I love using our products. But at the end of the day, we built Ladder for you. So you can also have supplements you can trust. We want to share it with the world, and that’s why I’m so proud of our team for our success.

If you’re looking for a place to start, I recommend our protein. Whether you choose our Whey (sourced from grass-fed cows) or our Plant (from peas and Austrian pumpkin seeds), protein is the building block of muscle and every cell in your body. It’s a habit that is the foundation of health.

As a thank you, I want you to have the same water bottle I use every day. if you purchase any Ladder product, just add a water bottle and it’s on me. Add the bottle to your cart before you checkout and add the code ARNOLDBOTTLE.

I don’t believe in shortcuts. Every journey takes commitment, patience, motivation — and a little bit of help. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we all stand on the shoulders of giants. My life was supported by mentors who shared wisdom and advice and by those who gave me a competitive advantage.

Ladder is my way of paying that forward and giving you the edge you need. We all need fuel.