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Tribute to helping others and being of service

Poll: Do you believe in Arnold?
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ahhh I give up!

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For many years I have taken service each week dedicated to help many sick individuals who wouldn’t be accepted to the hospitals jails or institutions. I’ve come a long way of companionship-less and thought I can do all my jobs alone along the way. Unfortunately that’s not the case today. Many of those put the effort out to help me considerably as a reminder of 20 years of wreckage of my un-sober thinking. I flew off the thoughts of wagon drivers and delivered a player in between those two decades. I even got married and divorced in short noticed. i was lucky some say. But no I knew if I didn’t help anyone else i was a dead man so I helped a sushi chef and he helped me. we traded off on a we thing for help and man was that good sushi! 

Today I don’t have to live that life anymore. But live it better than I ever did without much fishiness on my part. Today I work at USO as a volunteer helping military family in relief and efforts to better our system and not trying to knock it down. Today I am fortunate to reach out and help others with the commitment to be of service and to make better sound judgement of my actions faithfully. Today I am a work in progress with my church, my family, my friends, peers, extended family and fellows. I read part of Total Recall and recently wrote an email to our very best actor in the US today. Who doesn’t love Jon Wayne? right? who is not all about the cards being dealt to the right hand? I can assure testify that if you had followed the atkins diet and followed the recipe for success you will find a good foundation in the works Arnold has given us. I once weighed 90 lbs feeling like a succor to women, today within 3 weeks I had lost 35 lbs from 245 lbs on a average percentage. I love bodybuilding, I could leg press half a ton, but I also love making good solid history.

Arnold is definitely a generated un disposed hero. Unlike many hero’s he has proven to get out of his way to improve life we have today in so much little time and so powerful ways. You’d be surprised on the outcome if you were to follow his energy and statistics flow from three decades of growth and surges. There’s not enough statues of him on this planet. There’s not enough records giving him the credit of accountability to give leading directions to many groups paramount success points. A lot especially given today with women in their growth and becoming stronger ..including men. I can see the bedside talk of peace after all we do eat lift sleep repeat. There’s so much more to that. This life is amazing and all definite thanks to Arnold and fellows who came along the way.


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There should be statues of
  a human should not be deified.