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Arnold! Since I was born I was burdened with the same condition as you, a bicuspid aortic heart valve. However the difference between us is that you were alone on your fight for good health against this heart problem. I have not been, ever since talking to my doctor around the age of 9 his deliverance speech to me on my condition has always been that yes, you have a condition but you have the same thing Arnold Schwarzenegger has. Since then you have been a true hero and mentor to me, faced with constant you cant do this you cant do that situations, I’ve always looked at it as ...hey Arnold did it WHY cant I? And that has pushed me farther than anything else could in my life, and I thank you for that. The only thing this condition has hindered me from is joining the military, because apparently strong hearted folk are means for disqualification…..even though at the time(mostly thanks to your motivation) I was scoring a perfect score on the physical fitness test. Much love to you and everyone and everything you have ever motivated in this world to do more then they ever thought they could, because you have and that’s more to me than anything anyone else could.